What is a Dermoscan?

Dermoscan is a total body photography and mole monitoring system. It was developed in Germany. Wagga had the third Dermoscan in Australia. Since we purchased ours the Melanoma Institute of Australia have installed them, as they to recognised the abilities of this system.  

Who should have a Dermoscan?

We recommend all patients have a dermoscan as part of their skin cancer screening. It is another layer of protection in looking after your skin.

How does it work?

When you have your first assessment this is a 'baseline' set of photos.

At your next appointment for Dermoscan (3-6 months later) a second set of photos is taken. They are then compared and analysed by the inbuilt software within the Dermoscan system. 


The computer maps each mole and identifies it as either:

  1. Stable Mole present before - ie no change.

  2. New Mole not present before.

  3. Changed mole (A mole present on the last scan, that has changed). 


This assists the doctor by identifying the moles that need closer examination. 

Do I still need a skin check?

The Dermoscan is part of the tool set we use to provide skin cancer detection services. You will need to have a skin check at the same time as your initial Dermoscan and in follow up visits as discussed with your doctor.

What Happens on the day?

When you attend Caton Medical for a Dermoscan, our Nursing staff will show you into our Dermoscan room. Here you will disrobe to your underwear and the 6 designated photos will be taken. A skin check will follow if booked on the day (or may precede the Dermoscan for initial consults).


That's it - Simple, Painless and it could save your life. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of Dermoscan is $99 per session ($95 for Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders). There is a Medicare Rebate for this service, as the doctor will consult you about the scan. This means you will get >$35 back.


Dermoscans done at the time of a full skin check are $60 extra to the skin check price.


Repeat scans are recommended at 6-12months depending on risk. 

Can I have a Dermoscan with Caton Medical and a skin check elsewhere?

Some patients are very comfortable with their own GP providing their skin checks and would prefer to see them for this.


In these situations we are happy to provide the dermoscan service with a quick report to your nominated GP after every Dermoscan detailing our findings.