Caton Medical Patients - Your rights


As a patient of Caton Medical you have certain rights that our staff must uphold.


Please read below for an outline of those rights and how we aim to uphold them.



As a patient you have the right to:

  • Receive appropriate assessment, management and treatment.

  • Receive an explanation from your Doctor of your

    • Medical condition

    • Recommended treatment/s and expected results

    • Any risks involved in your treatment. 

    • Any reasonable medical alternatives.

      • NB: If your Doctor believes that some of this information could be detrimental to your health, or beyond your ability to understand, the explanation must be given to your next-of-kin or guardian.

  • provision of information that allows you to make an informed decision and consent prior to the start of specified, non-emergency medical procedures or treatments. Your doctor should use language that you understand specific details about the recommended procedure or treatment, any risks involved, recovery time, and any reasonable medical alternatives.

  • Refuse medication and/or treatment after possible consequences of this decision have been explained clearly to you, unless the situation is life-threatening or the procedure is required by law.

  • Be only included in experimental research if you give informed written consent. 


  • Each time you visit Caton for care, a record of your visit is made. Typically, this record contains your symptoms, examination and test results, diagnoses, treatment, and a plan for future care or treatment. 

  • you have the right to have prompt access to the information in your medical record. If for some reason the Doctor feels that access could be detrimental to your health, then your next-of-kin or guardian has a right to see your record.

  • You may obtain a copy of your medical record, at a reasonable fee, within 30 days after a written request to the clinic.

We may access information: 
• provided directly by the patient; 
• provided on the patient's behalf with the patient's consent; 
• from a health service provider who refers the patient to medical practitioners 
• from health service providers to whom patients are referred. 


Personal information collected by us may be used or disclosed: 
• for the purpose the patient was advised of at the time of collection of the information by us; 
• as required for delivery of the health service to the patient; 
• as required for the ordinary operation of our services (i.e. to refer the patient to a medical specialist or other health service provider); 
• as required under compulsion of law; or 
• where there is a serious and imminent threat to an individual’s life, health, or safety; or 
• a serious threat to public health or public safety. 

Other than as described in this Policy or permitted under the National Privacy Act, Caton Medical utilises all reasonable endeavours to ensure that identifying health information is not disclosed to any person. 

As required by law - We keep health information for a minimum of 7 years from the date of last entry in the patient record (unless the patient was a child in which case the record must be kept until the patient attains or would have attained 25 years of age). 



As a patient you have the right to:

  • Be informed of the names and functions of all health care professionals providing you with personal care. 

  • Be informed of the names and functions of any outside health care and educational institutions involved in your treatment. You may refuse to allow their participation.

  • Receive, upon request, the medical center’s written policies and procedures regarding lifesaving methods and the use or withdrawal of life support mechanisms.

  • Receive a summary of your patient rights that includes the name and phone number of the Practice  staff member to whom you can ask questions or complain about any possible violation of your rights.



  • To receive a copy of the Practice payment rates.

  • If you request an itemized bill, the medical centre must provide one, and explain any questions you may have. You have a right to appeal any charges. 

  • To be assisted in obtaining any public assistance and private health care benefits to which you may be entitled.



Transfer of medical records from this practice can occur in the following instances

  • When you, your family or guardian has made a written request,

  • In instances where the practice is unable to provide you with the care you need. You can receive an advance explanation from a doctor of the reasons for your transfer and possible alternatives.

  • For medico-legal reasons, eg. record is subpoenaed to court.

  • Where an individual medical record report is requested from another source.

  • When a patient asks for their medical record to be transferred to another practice, written consent must be obtained from the patient prior to the transfer.  Upon consent, this practice will forward a computer file, photocopy or summary report to the requesting organisation only after a fee has been paid.

            Fees for this are         $20   for single patient

                                                $40   for a family



As a Patient of Caton Medical you have the right to:

  • be treated with courtesy, consideration, and respect for your dignity and individuality.

  • confidential treatment of information about you.



As a Patient of Caton Medical you have the right to:

  • Treatment and medical services without discrimination based on race, age, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preferences, handicap, diagnosis, ability to pay, or source of payment.

  • Exercise, to the fullest extent possible, all your constitutional, civil, and legal rights.



This organisation is required to

  • maintain the privacy of your health information

  • provide you with a notice as to our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to information we collect and maintain about you

  • abide by the terms of this notice

  • notify you if we are unable to agree to a requested restriction

  • accommodate reasonable requests you may have to communicate health information by alternative means or at alternative locations.



  • To present questions or grievances to a designated practice staff member and to receive a response in a reasonable period of time.

  • We welcome your feedback, and continually strive to improve the standard of service to our patients. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, please advise your doctor or our practice manager, so that appropriate steps can be taken to remedy the situation.

    If you feel the problem is best dealt with outside our organisation, please contact the NSW Government centre for handling complaints, namely:

    Health Care Complaints Commission
    Locked Mail Bag 18
    Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
    Ph: (02) 9219 7444  

Should you have any further questions please click here to contact us.