At Caton Medical we aim to work as part of a team with your GP, we are only seeing new Skin Cancer and Musculoskeletal Patients. So we can treat these things and let your GP look after your other health needs. 

For Skin Cancer and Skin Checks

We can assist you and your GP by:

  1. Doing comprehensive skin checks (thus freeing up GP time for other important health issues.)

  2. Managing Skin Cancers found on skin checks or referred to us (We have access to surgical facilities both at our clinic and at the Riverina Day Surgery) .

  3. Providing a total body photography system the likes of which are not otherwise available in the Riverina (and the type useed by the Melanoma Institute). Making Mole monitoring easier for patients and GPs alike.

  4. Providing Treatment modalities that are not always available in other clinics (such as PhotoDynamic Therapy). 

  5. We can provide a report back to your GP or copies of histopathology on request.

  6. We are happy to discuss skin checks or procedures with your regular GP if required (Costs may apply).

For Musculoskeletal Medicine and Osteoarthritis

We can assist you and your GP by:

  1. Providing a therapeutic service not offered by most GP Clinics (PRP)

  2. Being part of your Chronic Disease Management Plan / Team Care Arrangements via providing PRP Treatments (ie Your GP / Us  and a physio satisfies the minimum 3 professional team). 

  3. We can provide a report back to your GP on request.

We provide services where the treating doctors concentrate on and have a special interest in the fields of skin cancer, musculoskeletal medicine and Procedural GP work (its what we do everyday).

Our Doctors are well placed to compliment the other health care provided by your GP.